Hi I’m Dolly

A non-binary fat babe making strange porn, pics, art, and audio to share with the world (whether the world is ready or not). Like most dolls I like to show off. I like sharing my body, my cute fashions, and meal times. I also like to share knowledge about all the fun sexy things I enjoy.
As a doll I can be lots of things. So you may see several versions of Dolly as you browse my work. Be ready for anything. Precious Puppy Dolly, Baby Dolly, Daddy Dolly, Demon Dolly, Unearthly Dolly – so many faces but always your Dolly.

Some of my favorite kinks are taking care of littles I’m a great baby sitter even as a little myself. I like to bully losers, and I get to decide who losers are. I like to talk dirty and make you turned on in a confused way. I like showing off my little feet for you to worship (size 4.5). I like showing off my huge clit for you to gawk at, more of a little dick tbh. I like to be puppy or kitty, but I like power. I love to spank, flog, beat on those who are willing. I love the taste of tears, can I lick them from your face? I like to be fed, cause I am good and deserve it. I like pissing on things, in things. I like your face when you taste it. And only if you ask, and really want it, I like to use force.
I’m such a good Dolly.

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I try to stay on a schedule so you know what to expect, but life happens so don’t be surprised if sometimes I miss live shows or a blog post.